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Exercise one in self-improvement.

I usually call my mother at least every other day. Nothing against my dad, I love him too, he’s just not much of a phone talker. Besides, I’m sure mom tells him everything anyway, which doesn’t bother me at all.

About a month ago, my mom basically said I was a drag, only sugarcoated. Apparently my venting is getting to be a bit much. She suggested I keep a diary.

Fun fact, I hate my handwriting.

So instead, I write a drabble every so often on the computer to try and vent. Well, it’s not exactly a drabble. Drabbles are short, fictional stories. Mine are short, but they’re generally not fiction. But, since I can’t think of the correct word, I’ll just call it that anyway.

I used to write and draw to get all the muck out of my head and it worked pretty well in high school, so I guess it should now, too. Don’t know why I forgot about that, I used to do it pretty much every day. And I was so mentally stable then (insert sarcasm font). We’ve all been angsty teens, I don’t think I was unusual. Well, not too much at least.

Anyway, the point of this post is that if your confidants are tired of hearing you moan and groan, write it down.

Taking a Risk

I have very odd plans for graduation. Or, rather a lack of. This semester I’m finishing my classes for both of my majors, but I didn’t apply for graduation, because I’m hoping to snag a couple of internships first.

As an I’m-finishing-classes-but-not-actually-graduating present to myself, I’m planning a short vacation at the beginning of summer. There’s a bit of a catch, though. I can go with my parents who don’t have as much time, or I can go by myself.

I’ve seen dozens of sites online recommending travel alone to people in their 20s, especially for young women. The more research I do, the more exciting the idea, but it’s also rather terrifying. I’d like to go to Japan as my first choice, and England as my second.

I am so far from having anything set in stone, and I might have fits getting my parents to accept me going alone, but it might really be the best option. The last time I did something daring and rebellious (sort of) was when I started fostering dogs. Aside from adopting my own, that was THE best experience of my life. Maybe that means I should be more willing to take a risk every once in a while.

Help Others and Help Yourself, Too

It seems as though this blog is not my top priority, and that’s kind of true. I’ve spent a good deal of effort on my foster blog lately, which I finally feel is paying off. For the first time, I have readers from other countries! Just yesterday, my blog played in integral role in reuniting a lost cat with his owner. I had no idea that would happen! I was just hoping to find him an adopter!

But, as much as I love helping people (and animals!) with the other blog, this one is about bettering myself, and that is very important to me as well. If I’m not growing, then I’m stunting my own growth, and that’s just not acceptable. So, February’s goal (or one of them, at least!) is to update BOTH of my blogs. To help others, but help myself as well.

Hopefully all of you over-worked and under-appreciated employees, parents, students, whatever you are, can do this same.