Taking a Risk

I have very odd plans for graduation. Or, rather a lack of. This semester I’m finishing my classes for both of my majors, but I didn’t apply for graduation, because I’m hoping to snag a couple of internships first.

As an I’m-finishing-classes-but-not-actually-graduating present to myself, I’m planning a short vacation at the beginning of summer. There’s a bit of a catch, though. I can go with my parents who don’t have as much time, or I can go by myself.

I’ve seen dozens of sites online recommending travel alone to people in their 20s, especially for young women. The more research I do, the more exciting the idea, but it’s also rather terrifying. I’d like to go to Japan as my first choice, and England as my second.

I am so far from having anything set in stone, and I might have fits getting my parents to accept me going alone, but it might really be the best option. The last time I did something daring and rebellious (sort of) was when I started fostering dogs. Aside from adopting my own, that was THE best experience of my life. Maybe that means I should be more willing to take a risk every once in a while.

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