I Applied For A Big Girl Job Today, And I Got Rejected For A Big Girl Job Today

I got an e-mail from my school telling us about an editing/writing position with a travel research magazine, or something along those lines. And even though I have an internship for the Fall, I applied. Don’t get me wrong, I told them about my predicament, so I’m rather sure I didn’t get the job. But already I see a reply sitting in my inbox, just waiting for me to click it.

And I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it.

It’s not my dream job, but it’s not bad. The pay is okay (less than my boyfriend makes, but he works for the government, which isn’t too bad of a job), and it’d be a job writing. But I doubt I got it. Because the timing’s not right. And they responded too quickly.

Here, look at this cute picture of my dog swimming in a lake while I read the e-mail:


Many thanks for your interest.  We have offered the position to another individual, but we will retain your resume for future openings.

Hmmmm. Not sure I believe that (that last part, I totally believe they hired someone else). But that’s okay. That means two things. One: I probably should have applied sooner (lesson learned?) and two: something else will come along. My boyfriend got passed up for two internships before he finally got his (with the same office), and now he’s the only intern who was offered a full time job. Sometimes stuff just works out. So I don’t feel too bad.

Plus, I’m super qualified to be a leasing agent, and while that’s not my dream career either, it’s a pretty easy job to get while I’m looking for the right one. And a discount on rent is like, the best discount ever. Suck it, people who work at ice creameries!

Just kidding. Don’t suck it. I’m super jealous of your discounts, if you get them.

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