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Learning To Play Dress Up

This summer, one of my goals was to lose weight. I have no idea how, but I’ve GAINED weight. Okay, I MIGHT be able to guess how. Anyway, that lead to a desperate, last minute trip to the store to find myself a dress for Disney.

It’s not enough that they’re picky as crap. It has to be so long. The sleeves have to be so thick. Nothing that makes you look like a hooker. Well there go all my dresses! But I also have to account for my stupid body.

After stubbornly trying on all the wrong dresses -ones that accentuated my tummy and my pear shape- I realized I needed to stop.

I truly believe with all my heart I will lose weight at Disney. Because I won’t have my parents’ delicious food to tempt me. Because I won’t be at home with nothing to do all day. (Seriously, my car’s in the shop, I’m trapped!)

But until then, I had to give in and just buy a larger dress. Because if I wore something too tight, too short, or for a younger woman, I’d look like an idiot. (Not hating on curvy ladies, but I do believe there are certain clothes that highlight the best of every body shape, and I just need to be aware of which clothes work for me now.)

You dress for the job you want. But you dress for the body you have. Only then, are you rocking your outfit.


Picture borrowed from the internet. If you made it, 1. you are awesome, 2. tell me so I can give you credit!