Can’t Answer The Phone – I’m Off The Clock

Every day I close at work, I make sure to finish my e-mails and my in-depth memos to the next days’ employees and clock out. Usually, a few minutes late, because there’s always something I forget to do until I’m standing by the time clock. Sorry bosses, I’m not trying to squeeze in extra work time!

After I clock out, I lock the door, turn out the lights, and close the blinds. Then I make a beeline for the restroom. I only walk a block back to my apartment, it’s not like I can’t hold it. It’s just… I have this weird thing where I always have to wash my hands twice. Soap is expensive, and anytime I can save a little, I do. No clue why. It doesn’t fit my personality. I’m impulsive, irresponsible, and immature. But I know how to save money.

Anyway, somehow there is always somebody who knows when I’ve grabbed my clearance Target purse and started walking towards the door. Someone always freakin’ calls right then. And I have a choice to make. Do I answer the phone and work for free? Do I look really sketchy by adding to my time sheet by hand? Or do I walk out the door and pretend I never stopped to go to the loo and therefore never heard the phone ring?

This week, I went with the last option. We have an answering machine for that crap. Surely I’m not the only one who struggles with this dilemma at work.

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