Monthly Archives: August 2015

Strike while the iron is hot

It had been so long since I had logged on here to blog, I actually could not remember my way around. Talk about embarrassing! That certainly did not make me feel good about following through with things. That’s always been a struggle of mine, and one I’m especially not proud of because 20 something years later and the problem has only gotten worse.

I recently had two months that flew by in about 6 days. I was working more than usual and I reveled in the excuse that I had no time to [insert pretty much anything here]. Now that I’ve caught up, I am feeling really motivated to improve myself. I’ve started studying Japanese again, picked back up on my volunteering, and hopefully will get back to writing more often.


I WILL get back to writing more often.

I read an article that said if you’re dieting, don’t say “I can’t eat that”, but rather “I don’t eat that”. A/N: Have I mentioned how amazing psychology and language are? Sociolinguistics for the win! Our attitudes have such a profound effect on what we perceive is happening to us and how we react. Any time you want to make a major life change it starts in your mind, in your heart. Whether it’s losing weight, learning a new skill, or creating good habits, you need to believe in yourself or you will fail.

So I will relearn Japanese and exceed my former knowledge now that it cannot affect my GPA. And I will keep up my writing, on blogs, fiction, etc. And I will totally get a little bit more fit, preferably before Halloween so I can pull off a super cute costume.

After all, nothing says successful adult like coordinated Halloween costumes.