Identify Yourself!

ABOUT KAYLA – I am 20 something. I am 20 something specific, but I don’t want to have to remember to come to this page and update it every year, so I’ve settled for once a decade. I used to have very high hopes for careers but they’ve been brutally murdered by real life. I consider myself a mother (to my beautiful rescue dog and my bratty rescue cat) and this is among the most important titles in my life. Sometimes, I also foster homeless dogs. As soon as possible, I hope to start a rescue of my own. Because I can’t wait to lose all of my hard earned money.

About the author - Painting the Silver LiningI am a proud geek. I am a Disney fanatic and former college program cast member. In fact, I still rock the Disney point in my everyday life. I pretty much live on Pinterest. Fanfiction and fanart are my lifeblood and I admire the fangirls and guys much more talented than myself who can create that stuff. About the author - Painting the Silver LiningI am also pretty girly, in the sense that I love pink and mint green and shiny things. But I also love black clothes and emo music from my high school years, so there’s that, too.


ABOUT GEEKY GIRL, GROWING UP – This blog was formerly know as “Painting the Silver Lining” hence the url. I used to document my journey through young adulthood as I learned to be a happier and better person. However, for my main focus being self-improvement, I did very little life-lesson learning. It just wasn’t working. So I decided to change things up. No more pressure to feel happy or do well in life, because really, growing up isn’t about being perfect.

As a warning, I don’t believe in ‘bad words’. I speak like a sailor and often think I’m quite funny.  You can laugh with me, or even at me. Just don’t tell me which it is and we’ll both be better for it.

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