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Call me Macgyver!

I am frugal as crap. I am also very proud of my creativity, at least when it decides to show up to work. That’s why I knew I could hold off buying a drain snake when my bathroom sink stopped draining well. (One too many times dyeing my hair in my sink, I suppose!)

Last week I tried the usual baking soda and vinegar (and nearly used up all my precious apple cider vinegar, thank you very much), alas, it was useless. But today I was determined I had to figure something out. I’m putting off a paper, you see, so I spent my day cleaning the apartment and touching up spots on my walls/doors/cabinets with paint. It’s amazing how much I get done when it’s the stuff that’s actually last priority.

I started out sticking an ordinary straw down the drain, then I tried the same straw with toilet paper on the end. It didn’t work.

My next try was rolled up paper. All it did was get soggy.

So then I made my own handy-dandy drain snake!


I cut the straw to create little barbs, the same kind you’d see on a really painful looking fishing hook. The idea was to mimic the shape of a real drain snake – of course the barbs on it are used to grab the gunk that’s clogging up the drain.


Voilà! (Holy man that word looks wrong…) The straw is kind of bendy like a regular drain snake, but I will warn you it’s not heavy duty. It took me three or four straws to get the job done. But, it was 100% free and I didn’t have to take the time out of my day to drive to the store! (Not to mention I didn’t have to worry about not having a parking spot when I got back *grumbles about bad parking situation in the apartment complex*.)


Ewwwww gross. But, now it’s gone and out of my life!

So today’s life lesson is: take your creativity on a test run now and then. Don’t let it get rusty! You might actually save yourself some trouble on your next cleaning, cooking, or DIY project.