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Act My Age? Sounds Boring.

Do I always have to act my age?

I think I’d like to act like a 7 year old until about 11am, so I can sleep in, roll out of bed and eat cinnamon toast with a nice side of Monster energy drink. (Okay, I guess I’d like to act like an unsupervised 7 year old.)

Then I think I’d like to act like a 19ish year old for a few hours. I might not be judged as harshly for throwing my dog a birthday party and pinning good looking celebrities on Pinterest. Don’t mind me drooling over Benedict Cumberbatch and literally every celeb who has ever rescued a pet.

Act My Age? Sounds Boring.

Yes, this happened. And it was glorious.

I may even act like a 30-something year old and pin some organizational tips, recipes for freezer meals (knowing darn well I rarely cook anything edible), and blueprints for the house I’ll never be able to afford. Unless I marry a rich guy who lets me put garish lazy river pools in our backyard.

I can act my age long enough to finish my job application, and even try to contain my mixture of excitement and disappointment that I hear back from one of my applications, and it’s the one where I’d be working with a bunch of high school kiddos. WORK THAT USELESS DEGREE, GIRL! GOOD FOR YOU GOING TO COLLEGE. #NoHardFeelings

Then I’ll revert back to college aged to play video games. You know, as long as you let me pretend I had time to play video games while working and going to school. Actually, screw it, I’m just going to play Pokemon or Spyro the Dragon anyway. I’ll just chill at age 7 even longer.

Act My Age? Sounds Boring.

I WILL beat the Elite 4 with a Charizard, Growlithe, Rapidash, Jolteon, Vulpix, and a Psyduck. I WILL BURN THEM.

And finally, I think I’ll wind up my evening with coffee and my computer, desperately trying to write a novel my brain knows nothing about. (That sounds like mid-life crisis, right? So age 50ish?) I’ll give up and fall asleep to either American Dad or Family Guy, depending on how tired I am from waking up at the crack of 8:30 in an attempt to be productive today.

I think that’s one of the nice things about being in my 20s. I do what I want. (As long as I can tune out my mother complaining that doing what I want means doing nothing.)

On that note, Happy Adoption Anniversary to the cute but frustrating dog I adopted three years ago despite everyone and their mom saying it was a bad idea. (I DO WHAT I WANT!) And… yay for a possible job interview? No? Meh.

Act My Age? Sounds Boring.

*Shoves pictures of my kid dog in everyone’s face*

I’ve Always Hated Paying Bills

Okay, I’m a failure of an adult.

I applied for a freelance writing job and got rejected. From a FREELANCE job! Ouch. How does that even happen?

I know what you’re thinking: you never update! You’re not trustworthy. But that’s not true. I just update the other blog. Because this one is about my life, which, at this point, is at a standstill. It’s kinda sad, actually.

And now I’m majorly confused about a bill from my old internet service provider. It looks like I was charged for last month, even though I stopped my service in May. I believe I was supposed to get a refund check of 38 something dollars, and now I’m getting 8 something. I know I’m being picky, but without income this summer, 30 dollars makes a huge difference! That’s almost a bag of dog food!

Not to mention now I’m nervous they’re going to keep charging me. I wonder if I’m a financial idiot or if Comcast is screwing with me.

I guess I’ll go pester my momma about how to read an effing bill, because they don’t teach you that in college. Which really, they should.

My First Ever Phone Interview

I have had a couple of hectic days! Well, not hectic so much as panicky. I applied for the Disney College Program internship two days ago, completed the web-based interview yesterday, and had a ridiculously nerve-wracking phone interview this morning. My mind was pretty calm, but my body was not. I swear my lungs and my heart were NOT my allies! On the bright side, my interviewer and I bonded over animals (and animal rescue), which generally does not end badly. =)


The thing about the DCP is it’s a real “big girl” job, at least when it comes to the hours. I’ve heard everything from 30-80 hours a week depending on the season, at or barely above minimum wage. Yuck! That’s a step back. Not to mention living with strangers. I thought I had outgrown that, but apparently not. Adult life is not exactly what I expected. If that counts as adult life. They were talking about learning to live by yourself, which I did years ago. Maybe I’m too old for the internship!


Never too old for Disney ANYTHING!

Anyway, now I’m patiently (or not) waiting to hear back from them and the handful of other internships for which I applied. Now I have no excuse not to throw myself into my other obligations, so back to homework, rescue, and writing!

Smile, it’s almost the weekend!


“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” -Walt Disney

I learned a “grown up” lesson today

Eventually I expect to learn many adult lessons, but I wasn’t ready for this one. It was a bit embarrassing for me. (That’s life, I know, get over it.)

I returned home from class this afternoon to see a note on my door from the office of my apartment complex (AKA my bosses/coworkers). Did you realize it’s already the sixth? I didn’t. So I was late paying rent. Which, FYI, is SUPER humiliating if you work for the office.


So, the lesson I’ve decided to take away from this is to set an alarm in my phone for the last day of every month, reminding myself to pay rent. Because apparently my memory won’t take care of that for me.

Save yourself some humiliation (and a late fee) and consider this a lesson learned. I just did the work for you.  😉

Tempestuous Twenties

Seriously. Nobody warned me about my early twenties. “It will be fun. It will be the time of your life! You’ll get to drink alcohol!!!”

Well, that last part is actually very accurate. Assuming this picture is from my twenties. ;)

Well, that last part is actually very accurate. Assuming this picture is from my twenties. 😉

Yes. But there is so much more to this time of my life. It is confusing, it shakes my self-esteem, and it really, really confuses me. Enough to list that twice.

I have never been decisive and now is when I’m really suffering for it. (Or is this just beginning? I’d love to know if my thirties are going to be just as turbulent.) My career plans are horribly unstable. I find myself thinking (a bit too often) ‘if you had just tried to take a science class, maybe you’d be in medical school by now‘ or ‘how do you ever expect to be a writer if you can’t make time to practice every day?‘ or, worst of all ‘remember when you were a little girl and you wanted to be an actor? Jennifer Lawrence is kicking your ass‘. I keep wishing I’d majored in something else. Film? Creative writing? Genetics? I should have worried less about my GPA and more about learning what I wanted to learn. Like Japanese. Or science. Or art. Take my advice, young ones: you’ll never know unless you try. My grades don’t excuse my ignorance. I’ll never know what I could have done.

Ah, but that’s not all! I’m reaching the age that troubles with the boyfriend aren’t “he plays too much Xbox” but rather “the careers we (think we) want are focused in specific areas of the country not at all close to each other”. After years of being together we’ve found a new obstacle to overcome. In my mind, I keep hearing a voice pleading for me to not give up my dreams for a man, but I fear I might be the first girl in history to make the mistake the other way around. Unless, of course, he can make enough money for me to be a housewife. That’s a good career dream, too.

We've made it this far...

We’ve made it this far…

Another fun fact: I think my metabolism thinks I’m older than I really am. I mean, my hormones have already thought I was going through menopause, but now my fat is pretty sure I want it hanging around. I was dieting decently until ‘that time of the month’ perfectly lined up with midterms. My lunch today was ice cream, potato chips, and a zero calorie energy drink. In my defense…   ….    …I have no defense.

But, if my twenties were all bad, I wouldn’t call them tempestuous. I’d keep the alliteration, but I’d just call them terrible. But really, they aren’t! Despite having a dog (or dogs, at this point in time), I have more freedom than ever, and I LOVE it! I live alone, and because I’ve held steady jobs since I was 18, I have the money to do what I want. Not everything I want, but enough of it. (By the way, I recommend getting a part time job in college, even if your parents are kind enough to pay for you. It’s good for your resume and the money helps a ton, even if you only work a few hours a week like I do now.)


Not enough money to go to Japan, but at least we can go to Disney!

Also, I have been lucky enough to see several of my favorite bands in concert!

Not to mention, I’ve been lucky enough to see several of my favorite bands in concert!

Even though I moved from a bigger city to a smaller one for college, I’ve still had some awesome opportunities I wouldn’t have had any other way. The friends I’ve met (who put me through further confusion by getting married, owning houses, and having babies), the things I’ve accomplished, and the once in a lifetime (maybe?) chances I’ve grown daring enough to take. (Another tip: grow a pair and try something new! I’ve never been confident, but most of the time I try something totally “unlike me”, I am grateful for it!)

A friend and I posing for a picture with singer Cory Lamb during a break in filming one of his music videos!

A friend and I posing for a picture with singer Cory Lamb during a break in filming one of his music videos!

My twenties are an adventure very different from my teens. So much better, but I feel like more is at stake as well. I guess my only option is to keep looking forward.


Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.
-Walt Whitman

Taking a Risk

I have very odd plans for graduation. Or, rather a lack of. This semester I’m finishing my classes for both of my majors, but I didn’t apply for graduation, because I’m hoping to snag a couple of internships first.

As an I’m-finishing-classes-but-not-actually-graduating present to myself, I’m planning a short vacation at the beginning of summer. There’s a bit of a catch, though. I can go with my parents who don’t have as much time, or I can go by myself.

I’ve seen dozens of sites online recommending travel alone to people in their 20s, especially for young women. The more research I do, the more exciting the idea, but it’s also rather terrifying. I’d like to go to Japan as my first choice, and England as my second.

I am so far from having anything set in stone, and I might have fits getting my parents to accept me going alone, but it might really be the best option. The last time I did something daring and rebellious (sort of) was when I started fostering dogs. Aside from adopting my own, that was THE best experience of my life. Maybe that means I should be more willing to take a risk every once in a while.