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Superstition Ain’t the Way…

No, no, no!

No, for multiple reasons! First off, that’s not exactly my ‘groove’. Secondly, I am totally superstitious. I think it’s a good thing. If I didn’t, I’d stop.

I’ve been in one of those pesky depressed moods for… well I don’t even know how long. A while. It took a break when school did, but now that work is back, the sadness magically is, too. Magically, eh?

So to try and combat the bad mood monster this morning, I decided to wear cute underwear after my shower. On a Tuesday! Crazy, right? ‘Cause Tuesdays are like my Mondays.

Perhaps, but I gotta say, I got one of my midterms back today and earned an extra credit point for remembering a fact from the first half of the semester that wasn’t even all that obscure. Now I have over 100% on that portion of the test. From what our professor was mumbling as he passed it out, it sounds like I was in the minority!

Smiling Dog

Hooray! My relative success depended upon the failure of my peers! What a great reason to smile!

All because of my panties! Not quite, but still, in this case, it’s the thought that counts.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to start your day off right, do something just for yourself. Wake up early (or at least the first time your alarm goes off), put on some cute undies even if nobody else is going to see them (in fact, please make sure not everybody sees them), get your crap done early, and enjoy the inevitable good mood that will follow. Bonus points if you work out. That would put you ahead of me on the scoreboard.

So you survived Monday and I survived Tuesday. Go us! Hopefully we’ll keep the rest of the week rolling! As my gift to you for reading, I have something that might keep a smile on your face for a while. It’s a dub-stepping bird!!

Side note: this is not my bird. This is from the soul-eating abyss known as the internet. Because my bird wouldn’t even say hello. He was a jerk. That’s why I have dogs now.

Dog ate my textbook

Because textbook-eating-dogs are a far better investment than mute birds.