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My First Ever Phone Interview

I have had a couple of hectic days! Well, not hectic so much as panicky. I applied for the Disney College Program internship two days ago, completed the web-based interview yesterday, and had a ridiculously nerve-wracking phone interview this morning. My mind was pretty calm, but my body was not. I swear my lungs and my heart were NOT my allies! On the bright side, my interviewer and I bonded over animals (and animal rescue), which generally does not end badly. =)


The thing about the DCP is it’s a real “big girl” job, at least when it comes to the hours. I’ve heard everything from 30-80 hours a week depending on the season, at or barely above minimum wage. Yuck! That’s a step back. Not to mention living with strangers. I thought I had outgrown that, but apparently not. Adult life is not exactly what I expected. If that counts as adult life. They were talking about learning to live by yourself, which I did years ago. Maybe I’m too old for the internship!


Never too old for Disney ANYTHING!

Anyway, now I’m patiently (or not) waiting to hear back from them and the handful of other internships for which I applied. Now I have no excuse not to throw myself into my other obligations, so back to homework, rescue, and writing!

Smile, it’s almost the weekend!


“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” -Walt Disney