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It’s straight out of a horror film

My new passport photo, that is.

Let me tell you about my day, and the lessons I’ve learned. It was a busy, learnin’ day. The first thing I did today was get my passport application turned in and take a picture for it.

Good Lord, let me tell you. Don’t take it with wet hair – blow dry it and drown it in hairspray. Volume, volume, volume. Wear stage make-up, or it won’t show up! The internet told me it didn’t matter what shirt I wore, but it really did. A unisex shirt (Captain America ftw!!) on broad shoulders did NOT look fantastic. Add that to me feeling worse than usual about my weight (as demonstrated by my round freaking face) and you have a major disappointment. Why don’t they just save our pictures in some sort of system? My driver’s license picture was the best I will EVER do on one of those things. I feel it should be used for every ID I need in the future.


I’m no model, but this is better than… you’ll see


Ew. THIS will be the first impression airport workers and cruise terminal workers have of me. Someone too lazy to bother drying their hair before they take a photo that will haunt them for years… It’s like a flipping mug shot!

So I learned THAT.

Then I went to complete a couple of extra credit experiments for class (because it would be a shame to slaughter my GPA in my last semester). And I learned not to trust Burlington Coat Factory. Or Nine West. But my Nine West shoes still work, so I kinda wanna say this was Burlington…


I got to carry my bag in my arms all day. I’m pretty sure I looked like an idiot…

So, after that and a meeting with my academic adviser (about the Disney College Program), I got to take my foster dog to the groomer. He looks much better now, but the drive was a nightmare. Not only because I got incredibly lost (I was never blessed with a mental map), but because foster (Brody) saw me stressing and started to grow anxious as well. He finally couldn’t take the tension anymore and he crapped in my car. So I rolled down the windows and I cried the rest of the drive to the groomer. Because dogs relieve stress with poop, and I do it with tears.

And finally, on the way home (after a cathartic cry, a clean dog, and some new stuff from Target) I also learned the new Butter Pecan Dunkin Donuts  iced coffee is freaking delicious. If you like coffee, go try it.


And a small was just $2.14!!

So after a busy day, I leave you with a few life lessons: You will probably regret not properly preparing for your passport photo, no matter how much you think you don’t care about what others think. Your dog feeds off your anxiety, so take a deep breath and relax! And finally, COFFEE!!!!