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Help Others and Help Yourself, Too

It seems as though this blog is not my top priority, and that’s kind of true. I’ve spent a good deal of effort on my foster blog lately, which I finally feel is paying off. For the first time, I have readers from other countries! Just yesterday, my blog played in integral role in reuniting a lost cat with his owner. I had no idea that would happen! I was just hoping to find him an adopter!

But, as much as I love helping people (and animals!) with the other blog, this one is about bettering myself, and that is very important to me as well. If I’m not growing, then I’m stunting my own growth, and that’s just not acceptable. So, February’s goal (or one of them, at least!) is to update BOTH of my blogs. To help others, but help myself as well.

Hopefully all of you over-worked and under-appreciated employees, parents, students, whatever you are, can do this same.