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I learned a “grown up” lesson today

Eventually I expect to learn many adult lessons, but I wasn’t ready for this one. It was a bit embarrassing for me. (That’s life, I know, get over it.)

I returned home from class this afternoon to see a note on my door from the office of my apartment complex (AKA my bosses/coworkers). Did you realize it’s already the sixth? I didn’t. So I was late paying rent. Which, FYI, is SUPER humiliating if you work for the office.


So, the lesson I’ve decided to take away from this is to set an alarm in my phone for the last day of every month, reminding myself to pay rent. Because apparently my memory won’t take care of that for me.

Save yourself some humiliation (and a late fee) and consider this a lesson learned. I just did the work for you.  😉