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Can’t Answer The Phone – I’m Off The Clock

Every day I close at work, I make sure to finish my e-mails and my in-depth memos to the next days’ employees and clock out. Usually, a few minutes late, because there’s always something I forget to do until I’m standing by the time clock. Sorry bosses, I’m not trying to squeeze in extra work time!

After I clock out, I lock the door, turn out the lights, and close the blinds. Then I make a beeline for the restroom. I only walk a block back to my apartment, it’s not like I can’t hold it. It’s just… I have this weird thing where I always have to wash my hands twice. Soap is expensive, and anytime I can save a little, I do. No clue why. It doesn’t fit my personality. I’m impulsive, irresponsible, and immature. But I know how to save money.

Anyway, somehow there is always somebody who knows when I’ve grabbed my clearance Target purse and started walking towards the door. Someone always freakin’ calls right then. And I have a choice to make. Do I answer the phone and work for free? Do I look really sketchy by adding to my time sheet by hand? Or do I walk out the door and pretend I never stopped to go to the loo and therefore never heard the phone ring?

This week, I went with the last option. We have an answering machine for that crap. Surely I’m not the only one who struggles with this dilemma at work.

Meh, It’s Monday

Had my first day of work in a couple of months today.

Was told to dress extra nice because representatives from the bank would be in for a meeting.

Ended up working late. An hour and a half late.

Finished my delayed lunch an hour before the planned dinner time.

Didn’t have time for laundry, or various other things I should be doing.


But, then again, it is the Monday after daylight savings time. I doubt I’m the only person dragging myself to the bed for a quick nap after work.

Happy Monday? (We survived!)

Profession Stalking

I’ve been out of work for about a month now. Fine. Two months. I’m living rent free with my parents, though a quiet voice pops into my mind every once in a while and reminds me that I will still eventually run out of money. That, and it’ll look awful on my resume to have such a long ‘pause point’ as I’ve started to call it.

So in preparation for work, I bought more than a hundred dollars worth of Target clothes that seemed to fit the ‘business casual’ mold while still looking trendy and young enough for a 22 year old to rock. Because I thought I had a job all but secured. Which, as most people know, is a bad thing to count on. “All but” is a dangerous phrase.


Like when my dog had ‘all but’ completely healed, and then promptly ripped her stitches open again.

So, scrambling, I’ve begun to apply for jobs in multiple cities, ranging from retail to nonprofit to government jobs. There’s even one that honestly seems as perfect as I believe I can find. At least, until I get more experience. Which I need experience to get. I’ve all but given up on being the career woman I planned to be.  (There’s that ‘all but’ again…)

I don’t expect to get the perfect job. Or even my second choice, which would still be awesome. Aside from the commute. I got one interview. It’s for a retail job (that’d be a first for me), and aside from the managers I’d probably be the only person there with a college degree. And I’m quite sure my new work outfits would not fit in, if they’re even permitted. And unlike my other degree-free option, this one is not in a field or company in which I’d like to climb the corporate ladder.

I told the manager who called to schedule an interview that I’d call him back. My options are interview tomorrow (Hell no!) or next Wednesday. Did I mention this is in another city? And that the job would pay so very little. And that it may not even be full time. And that he just called yesterday and I like to meticulously plan in advance. Even if I know I’m just going to blow off my plans, I like having them. Makes me feel like an adult.

Like an adult who goes to a midnight premiere on a work night and downs an extra large Monster, knowing full well the regular size is at least 2 servings.

Yet, until I hear back from my first and second choices, this is all I have. (The applications for those don’t even close until tomorrow, and they’re both government jobs, so I’m not expecting a quick response.) I can’t screw up my only sure shot (I keep forgetting it’s just an interview) to hold out on jobs that will likely go to older people with experience, connections, and resumes their mothers didn’t help them write.


Yes, “mother” helped me. Totally didn’t get any help from the kiddo.

Let’s think about the possible scenarios. Best case scenario I say no to this interview and get one of my first choice jobs. But that’s doubtful, and I can’t push my luck right now. More likely I’d say no and never hear from the other guys and continue to be unemployed. Another option is I interview and get this job. No word from the others? At least I have a job. It is possible I could interview and get this job, but then get an interview for the other jobs. If I could get off work and make it to the interview, and then by some miracle receive an offer, then I can either say no or walk out on my new job. And look like a flake. And feel like one. It’d look bad on my resume, but Hell, I’d have a much better job anyway.

So I guess I’ll just have to phone mister manager and schedule to meet him. My first ever interview with a guy, too. And since I’m incredibly awkward (I like to call it quirky) I’m not sure if a guy would accept me as well. Or if it would matter at all. Better slather on the make up anyway. (Actually, that would be wise no matter who my interviewer was, so long as they still had their vision. The little things you learn while getting your psychology degree.)